The Hot Fake Rolex Watches

In the new collection, Fake Breitling offers Superoceana in four sizes: 46 mm, 44 mm, 42 mm and 36 mm. The material options are steel, steel and gold (bi-color) and bronze. The 46 mm model is equipped with a bezel that rotates in both directions and a special lock to block its accidental rotation. The other versions have a unidirectional bezel (standard on divers watches) with a ceramic inlay. The 44 mm and 42 mm variants are made of bronze, which guarantees an even patina. All references in the collection are fitted with either a steel Oyster bracelet with slightly slanted links or a rubber strap with a butterfly clasp. The clasp has a built-in micro-adjustment that allows you to increase the circumference of the strap by a considerable 15 mm.

Most references to the historical reference can be found on the dials. The eye is quickly drawn to the “characteristic”, wide, white minute ring with a distinct graduation. From the outside, it frames the central part of the dial with large luminous indices and oversized hands. The minute hand ends with an unusually square element. There is no date stamp for it, and at 12 you can see the manufactory logo applied – a stylish letter “B”. The largest 46mm model has a black or navy blue dial. In the 44 mm version, the dial can be black, navy blue, turquoise, green or brown. The 42mm Superocean has a black, blue, silver or green dial, and in the smallest 36mm option, the dial is turquoise, silver or orange. In addition, there is a color combination of the straps, which together gives fake rolex a wide range of options – something to suit every taste.

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