Voice Search Optimization

70% of your customers would prefer ‘voicing’ their queries than silently type it out. We optimize voice search for all devices.

Optimize voice search for all devices

Respond to user queries no matter which device they use to run voice searches.

Amazon Alexa

Apple Siri

Google Voice

Windows Cortana

As a service provider you want your target audience to find you faster and easily. More brownie points if you are able to reach users whose buying intent is high. While traditional SEO helps achieve all of this with some success, there is still a long way to go. That’s where voice search optimization (VSO) comes in.

At least 43% of US adults are said to be using voice search on an everyday basis. Amazon, Apple, Google — almost every tech giant is jumping into voice search bandwagon. Put both the facts together and you will know that voice search is not a fancy trend for the future but a mainstream technology that is tightly integrated with our daily lives.

Is your business ready for the voice search era?

Are you just chugging along with other voice search results? Do you want to make your business pop up on the first ranks of SERPs for voice searches? Talks to us. Ask us everything you want to know about voice search optimization. We would be happy to help. We can also join hands as your voice search optimization agency that will devise a strategy, put into motion and bring results to the table.

Why should you consider as your voice search optimization agency? We are one of the very few agencies that help clients optimize their content for voice search made through all devices. We offer voice search optimization services for:

  • Google Home, Google Mini, and Google Max

  • Amazon’s Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Plus,
    Echo Spot, Echo Show, and Echo Look

  • All iOS-enabled devices

  • Windows Cortana

  • All compatible Android devices

The only Voice Search Marketing Agency that offers VSO for


Get your business listed on search engine results for voice searches. We have the know-how that can make your business heard to your customers when they are running searches for elated voice searches. Our Voice Search Optimization process is based on the user behaviour that uses specific set of voice commands and sentence formations. We also deploy a significant level of localization to ensure that your business is discoverable online for voice searches.

Rest assured your business will be in front of your customers — be it through text search or voice search — you will be visible.


From searching route navigation to ordering online groceries, voice assistants have come a long way. Amazon Echo, Apple Siri, Google Home — these voice assistants can do much more than an ordinary personal digital assistant. But, making them to work in favor of your business is easily said than done.

At Targeted Mobile Advertising, we have a team of engineers who know how to make voice assistants work for you. We can make ensure that your business offerings are picked up by these voice assistants and relayed back to users for maximum business visibility.

VSO Focus Areas

Voice search optimization is a vast space. It keeps growing with every single day. To make VSO work for you, we offer a broad range of VSO focus areas. From basic optimization to advanced voice search analytics, we have created a bigger ambit of voice search optimization services for you. Our service offerings include:

  • Voice experience optimization

  • Voice search protocol adherence & customization

  • Technical SEO

  • Advanced schema / structured data markup

  • Voice query research and optimization

  • Identification of typed vs. voice search keywords

  • Qualitative/quantitative voice search analysis marketing research

  • Up-to-date voice search query data voice search analytics